Cotton Yarn

The world is our market

Polyester Yarn

The world is our market


The world is our market


The world is our market

Balkrushna Textiles as a trusted textiles supply chain solutions concern we take pride in our business. We specialize in provision of yarns and fabric of the highest quality both locally and for international trading as well. We ensure maintenance of high quality standards throughout our network and endeavor to meet the expectations of our clients at all times and at all costs.



Polyester Yarn

Why We Are Different


We are committed to quality and have long relationships with our suppliers. For this we give best price of our customer.

02.Our Team

Our team takes care of everything financial/documents/shipments Follow-up with suppliers and buyers to ensure clarity on each order.


Balkrushana Textiles regularly visits suppliers and buyers all over the globe to keep in touch with them for the long term.

04.We deal

We work with large suppliers that are known worldwide. So we arrange regular premature delivery to meet the needs of our customers.